55th Class Reunion Poll

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1)   * Would you like to attend a 55th class reunion in 2020?

Yes No
2)   * Each year a weekend mini-reunion is held in Ruidoso in October for IHS graduates of the early 1960s. This year's event will be from October 14th-17th. Are you interested in attending that event in 2020?

Yes No
3)   * If both a class reunion and a mini-reunion are held in 2020 would you probably:

  Attend both
  Attend the Ruidoso mini-reunion only
  Attend a class reunion only
  Attend neither
4)   If you want to attend a 2020 class reunion, where would you prefer to hold the reunion?

  El Paso
  Somewhere else
5)   If you plan to attend a 55th reunion in 2020, when would you like to have it?

6)   If you want to attend a 2020 class reunion, what timeframe would you prefer?

  Arrive Friday afternoon, depart Sunday afternoon
  Arrive Saturday, depart Sunday afternoon
7)   If you want to attend a 2020 class reunion, in what events would you like to participate? (select all that apply.)

  Dinner dance
  Cocktail party
  School tour (the old IHS is gone, this is a new facility.)
  Visit Mexico
  Hospitality suite
  TP a house!
8)   Will you help with organizing or planning the reunion?

Yes No
9)   If you are willing to help, in what capacity will you help? (Check all that apply.)

  Reunion chairman
  Find a venue/hotel
  Plan the dinner/dance
  Plan an excursion shopping/sightseeing
  Plan the school tour
  Track down classmates
  Staff the hospitality room
10)   Use this space to share any thoughts you have about a reunion in 2020.